Bringing Your Phone to Sauna or Steam Room Is a Bad Idea: Why You SHOULDN’T Take a Phone to a Sauna

can i bring my phone in a sauna

Personally, I would never bring my iPhone in a sauna, but you do you! I understand why someone might want to bring their cell phone in a sauna, for example, to listen to music. But keep in mind that some phones can’t handle the heat and humidity in saunas. And also… Respect other people in the sauna before bringing in your phone or music.

Can you take your phone in a sauna?

It’s best not to bring your iPhone or other cell phones to a sauna because the high heat and humidity might damage your phone. According to Apple support, you should keep your device temperature between -4ºF to 113ºF (-20ºC and 45ºC). Sauna temperatures typically range from 90°F to 200°F (32°C to 93°C) which can cause your phone to overheat.

The humidity in saunas can be up to 100% so if your phone is not waterproof, humidity can get into your phone and cause it to break. Look for IP68 and IP69 waterproof phones if you need to bring them in a sauna.

This is the warning you will see if your phone is overheating.

I’ll explain the details about using your phone in a sauna and whether you can take your phone in a sauna more in detail in this article. Keep reading to find out what you can do!

Can You Bring Your Phone in a Sauna?

Technically, you might be able to bring your phone in the sauna if the temperature and humidity are low enough.

Most phones are designed to handle maximum operating temperatures of up to 113ºF or 45ºC.

However, your phone heats up from use as well, not just from the external heat from the sauna. You probably have noticed how your iPhone or other phone heats up if you’re watching videos or playing games. This means that your phone might overheat even if the temperature of your sauna is below the maximum operating temperature of your device.

How Long Will My Phone Survive in the Sauna?

Your phone won’t overheat immediately after bringing it in the heat. You might be able to use it for a few minutes before getting that overheating warning.

Exactly how long your phone will last is impossible to say, and I definitely don’t recommend finding out or taking your phone in the sauna in the first place.

However, for those who are curious, here’s a practical experiment from a Youtube channel Welding and stuff, where he took an iPhone in a moderately hot 180°F sauna and the phone lasted for about five and a half minutes before overheating.

Watch the experiment here:

Do let me know in the comments if you have more experience with similar experiments!

Why Bring Your Phone to a Sauna, Anyway?

I can certainly understand why you would want to bring your phone to the sauna. These reasons might be:

Respect Other People in the Sauna

For most people, the sauna is a place to unwind and relax, for example, after working out at the gym. Personally, I would hate to listen to someone’s music while in the sauna.

Please respect other people if you are sharing the sauna with them. Most people are there to relax and unwind, not to hear your phone notifications or unwanted music. At least you should ask if others want to put on music or other sounds in the sauna.

So my recommendation is to leave the phone in the locker room even if you think it will handle the heat and humidity, and instead focus on relaxing, having a conversation with other people, or simply enjoying the silence. The latter is the true Finnish way of doing the sauna, anyway.

Alternatives for Listening to Music and Entertainment in a Sauna

First off, AirPods are not a good option for the sauna either because Apple says the maximum operating temperature for AirPods is 113º F or 45º C, which again is much lower than most saunas are.

If you really want to bring your music or podcasts to the sauna, you should get a waterproof Bluetooth sauna speaker.

There are many great options available at AmazonOpens in a new tab..

For home use, you can install mounted sauna speakers or a full sound system as well.

If you really want to go all-in in sauna entertainment, you can find instructions for installing a TV in your saunaOpens in a new tab.!

iPhone in Sauna – Can I Take My iPhone 12 or 13 in Sauna?

According to Apple, maximum temperatures for storing your iPhone 12 or 13 are between -4ºF to 113ºF (-20ºC and 45ºC).

Most saunas will get much hotter than that, so it’s not recommended to take your phone in the sauna.

Even if you keep the temperature of your sauna low, the device heats up from use and the high humidity of the sauna might prevent the device from cooling down as it does in normal conditions (also, the humidity alone can do harm to your phone).

So, you might be able to take your iPhone 12 or 13 to the sauna in some cases, but still, I don’t recommend taking the risk.

Can You Take Your Phone in an Infrared Sauna?

The temperatures in infrared saunas typically vary from 100°F to 150°F (38°C to 65.5°C).

Phones typically can handle maximum temperatures of 113ºF or 45ºC, so you might be able to use your iPhone and other devices in infrared saunas if you keep the heat low enough.

The maximum temperature your phone manufacturer is not a guarantee, however. The temperatures in infrared saunas go up and down, and the humidity might also play a role in overheating your device.

How to Keep Your Phone from Overheating in a Sauna?

If you really have to bring your phone to the sauna, there are some tricks that ways how to keep your phone cool in a sauna.

#1 – Keep your phone near the floor level of the sauna

The heat rises up in the sauna, so the temperatures are much higher on the upper seats compared to the floor level of the sauna.

This graphic shows how the temperature varies in different parts of the sauna:

The temperature difference between the floor and the upper seats in the sauna can be huge, and often the temperatures are below the maximum levels your phone can handle, which is typically 113ºF or 45ºC.

#2 – Wrap your phone in a wet paper towel (if your phone is waterproof)

This creator on Youtube came up with a way to keep your phone cool in a hot sauna. Simply wrap it in a wet paper towel to keep it cool.

Watch the video where he explains it:

Needless to say, you shouldn’t do this with a phone that is not IP68 and IP69 waterproof!

Conclusion: It’s Best to Leave Your Phone in the Changing Room!

Your phone will likely overheat in temperatures of over 113ºF or 45ºC. Depending on the type of sauna (traditional, steam, infrared) the temperatures in the sauna range from 90°F to 200°F (32°C to 93°C), so in most cases, your phone will not be able to handle it. The humidity is also too much for phones that are not waterproof.

While your phone may or may not survive the heat of the sauna, you should anyway consider leaving your iPhone and other devices in the locker room. If you prefer to listen to music in the sauna, the best option is always to get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker instead.

Also, the sauna is a place for relaxing and unwinding. Based on my personal experience, the best way to enjoy the sauna is to be in silence or have a conversation with your friends. You can also meditate or do some light stretches as well.

Do you have tips for using your phone in the sauna? Do you have more questions or feedback about the topic? Let me know in the comments!

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