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Turning Sauna Dreams into Reality

SaunaGenius is dedicated to being the ultimate source of information for anything related to saunas.

Founded by Jussi Yli-Korhonen, a sauna enthusiast from Finland — the birthplace of saunas — our goal is to help you navigate the world of saunas with ease and confidence. We provide knowledge, research, and insights so you can make informed decisions about saunas, allowing you more time to enjoy the warmth and relaxation they offer.

We take our mission seriously. We promise to keep you updated on the latest trends, technologies, and benefits of saunas. Our content is crafted with care, ensuring it’s both accurate and actionable, making your sauna journey simple and enjoyable.

Our Team

The SaunaGenius editorial team is a blend of sauna lovers and industry experts. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge, experiences, and insights to help you make the best choices for your sauna needs. Our team’s deep industry knowledge ensures that our content is backed by thorough research, hands-on experience, and strict methodologies.

Jussi Yli-Korhonen

Jussi is an online marketing expert, an entrepreneur, and the founder of SaunaGenius.com. Jussi is a sauna-loving guy from Finland, the birthplace of saunas. The traditional wood-fired saunas are his favorite but he’s visited dozens of different types of saunas in over 20 countries.

Editorial Policies

Our editorial team operates with independence and objectivity. Our content, reviews, and recommendations are driven by rigorous research and analysis. We prioritize our readers’ needs and ensure that our advice is clear, impartial, and trustworthy.

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Our Business

Integrity and transparency are at the core of SaunaGenius. While we may partner with brands or feature affiliate links, our editorial content remains unbiased and focused on serving our readers. These partnerships enable us to continue providing high-quality, research-backed content at no cost to our readers. For more information on our partnerships, please visit our disclosure page.

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