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At, our primary goal is to provide our readers with accurate, trustworthy, and comprehensive information related to saunas. To maintain the high-quality content and keep it free for our readers, we partner with advertisers and participate in affiliate marketing programs. This page aims to offer transparency about how we generate revenue and how it impacts our content.

How We Make Money

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How Affiliate Marketing Affects You

  1. No Extra Cost: When you purchase a product through our affiliate links, you won’t pay more than if you directly visited the retailer’s site. In some cases, our partnerships may even offer exclusive discounts to our readers.
  2. Unbiased Recommendations: Our product recommendations are based on thorough research, hands-on experience, and feedback from our community. The presence of an affiliate program does not influence our product recommendations. We prioritize the needs and interests of our readers above all.
  3. Transparency: We believe in complete transparency. Any article or page that contains affiliate links will have a clear disclosure, ensuring our readers are always informed.

Supporting SaunaGenius

I am deeply thankful for the support from our readers. Running SaunaGenius requires time, effort, and resources. Using our affiliate links is one of the best ways to support our blog. Every purchase made through our links helps us continue to provide valuable content and keep the website running.

Our Commitment to Our Readers

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