Sauna Hygrometers: Best Picks, How to Install it, or Do You Even Need One?

best sauna hygrometers

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A sauna hygrometer can be a useful tool for monitoring the humidity in your sauna, but it’s not a must-have purchase. In my opinion, most people won’t need one, and hygrometers are often quite inaccurate as well. But it makes for a nice gift and gives you more insights into using your sauna!

In this article, I will explain where to hang the hygrometer in the sauna and I will give some recommendations for the best sauna hygrometers.

Best sauna hygrometers:

Thermometer Hygrometer

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High Temperature Analog Thermo-Hygrometer

Thermometer and hygrometer all-in-one
High-temperature thermometer
Nice and easy to read even in low light

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Thermometer Hygrometer

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Dyna-Living Sauna Thermometer 2 in 1

Thermometer and hygrometer 2-in-1
Made of 100% Finnish pine wood, with a real glass lens and satin nickel coating
Clearly visible and easy to read, simple and beautiful

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Cheap & Reliable

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Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer

Hygrometer made for cigar humidors, so you know it’s accurate
Despite the fact it’s made for humidors, it can be used anywhere
Very reliable yet affordable option

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Why Have a Hygrometer in the Sauna or Do You Even Need One?

A hygrometer is used to measure the humidity level in a sauna.

It’s not really so important to accurately control the humidity level in the sauna. Most people can simply go by feel and increase the humidity based on personal preference.

That said, the humidity in the sauna affects the overall experience of using the sauna.

If the humidity is too high, the air can feel heavy and damp, reducing the therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, if the humidity is too low, it can make the air feel dry and can cause discomfort. There are pros and cons to dry and wet saunas and it’s essentially up to your personal preference which type you like more.

By using a hygrometer, sauna users can monitor the humidity levels and adjust them to their preferences. Hence, a hygrometer is a useful tool for those who want to geek out about the conditions in the sauna or get some data on their sauna conditions.

How Does a Hygrometer Work?

A hygrometer works by measuring the amount of moisture in the air. There are several types of hygrometers, but the most common ones use either a hair or a salt-based system to measure humidity.

In an analog hygrometer, paper or hair is attached to a spring inside the device. When the air is humid, the hair or paper absorbs moisture and expands, causing the spring to tighten. This change in tension moves the needle which we can then read as the relative humidity.

Most sauna hygrometers are analog paper or hair hygrometers.

If you want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole of how hygrometers work, here’s a nice explainer video from a Youtube channel Technology Connections explaining how analog and digital hygrometers and thermometer work.


Sauna Hygrometers Can Be Inaccurate

Sauna hygrometers are typically analog, not electric. Analog hygrometers are often a lot less accurate compared to electric ones, but it’s not recommended to install an electric hygrometer in the sauna because batteries and electrical components don’t handle heat very well.

Many hygrometers can have an error margin of 10%, so choosing a quality hygrometer is important if you want to get accurate results. It’s best to avoid cheap hygrometers with a liner scale, as those are often the most inaccurate ones. I’ve seen some cheap hygrometers read 50-60% when an accurate electric one was showing 90%. That’s a pretty wide margin of error…

Tips for getting a more accurate reading:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Choose an accurate high-quality product (see recommendations at the top of this post)
  • Calibrate your device according to instructions
  • Install the hygrometer in the correct place in the sauna, let’s talk about that next

Where to Hang Sauna Hygrometer?

Similar to sauna thermometers, the humidity in a sauna is typically measured at head height or about one meter (3.5ft) above the upper bench.

It is important to hang the hygrometer in a location that represents the average humidity level in the sauna, as the humidity can vary in different parts of the room. For example, if the sauna has a large window or vent, the humidity level near them may be lower than the rest of the room.

The ideal location to hang a sauna hygrometer is on the wall near the seating area, where it is easily visible and can be easily accessed.

The humidity changes every time you throw more water on the rocks. The humidity changes also in different parts of the sauna depending on where the heater is, and where the windows and air vents are.

Best Sauna Hygrometers

Here are some great options to consider when shopping for a sauna hygrometer.

Sauna Hygrometer Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a hygrometer, consider the following factors:

  • Accuracy: Choose a hygrometer that measures humidity accurately within a range of +/- 3% relative humidity.
  • Display: Look for a hygrometer with a clear, easy-to-read display.
  • Durability: Make sure the hygrometer is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the heat and moisture of a sauna environment.
  • Calibration: Consider a hygrometer that can be easily calibrated for optimal accuracy.
  • Size and mounting options: Choose a hygrometer that is compact and has various mounting options such as suction cups or wall mounting.
  • Price: Determine your budget and choose a hygrometer that offers the best value for your money.
  • Extra features: Many hygrometers come with a thermometer or a sauna timer. It might be best to choose an option that has the extra features you want instead of buying them separately.

Do you have a hygrometer in your sauna? If you have any feedback or questions about the article, let me know in the comments!

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